Marsha Lynn Hammond

Marsha Lynn Hammond is an artist, educator and creative entrepreneur. With a BFA in Sculpture and an MA in Teaching, she has been affiliated with Maryland Institute College of Art for over 25 years, both as a graduate and as professional staff and faculty. Marsha is passionate about mentoring young artists and understanding global trends in art and design.

In her current role as the Assistant Director of Career Development, she advises both graduate and undergraduate students studying design, illustration and media-based arts in professional development.

In addition, Marsha is the founder and creator of Mind the Current, where she designs products and experiences for cancer patients. As a cancer survivor, she is on a mission to transform the cancer experience, by creating visual products that empower a shift in mindset. Her flagship product is Dhremo (pronounced Dream-Oh) Therapy IV Decals, which are uplifting decals for infusion IV bags that relabel and reframe the experience of chemotherapy.  Her work can be found at

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