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Technology products and brands are full of illustration: avatars, stickers, icons, emoji, the list goes on. But it hasn’t always been this way. Over the last decade, illustration has graduated from niche to normal, a standard part of every major tech brand’s visual language. How and why did that happen?

How to Draw a Startup is a podcast miniseries about illustration’s evolving role in the tech industry. The show explores why illustration is utilized, how illustrated brands are crafted, and where illustrators fit in creative teams.

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About Mark Grambau

I’m an illustrator and multidisciplinary designer based in Greater Boston. I graduated from MICA with a BFA in Illustration in 2008, and have spent the last decade in Boston’s technology and design industry. I created How to Draw a Startup to gain a deeper understanding of my industry, as well as to celebrate illustration’s role in our daily lives.

I’m currently a Senior Illustrator and Product Designer at Circle, maker of Circle PayCircle Invest, Poloniex, and more. As Circle’s illustration lead, I’ve created countless custom icons, editorial illustrations, and other graphics found throughout our products, marketing, and offices.

Over my career I’ve created work for PBS, Scholastic, Rethink Robotics, Boston Logan International Airport, Intel, and Titleist. I was the co-host of The Dirt for three years, producing 150+ episodes and interviewing some of the most influential figures in design and technology.

Check out my portfolio or find me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble.


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